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Science stands for the merging of tried and tested methods of classic strategy advisory with the analytical and modeling possibilities of digital data analytics.

Get to know the four pillars of our work here, as well as 

the unique tools and methods we have developed to capture the knowledge.


Four Pillars


Data is the raw material for informed decisions-making. Information reduces uncertainty and increases the chance to succeed. The way we collect and use data is by far the strongest driver of success.

Wherever economically feasible, we process historical data in our models, simulations and calculations. We maintain our own data sources, for example READ - the world's largest database for reliable energy assets.

In addition, we command the methods and tools to quickly evaluate mass data from all kinds of sources. We turn it into explicit, processible data allowing us to find the bottom-line potentials inside the raw data of your business.



Highly dynamic markets are the challenge of our time. We pursue a holistic analysis. Behavioral patterns of stakeholders, as well as critical effects of their intricate relationships with your company are  in scope of our coherent approach.


We predict actions and reactions of industry players as for example your key competitors by modelling their behavioral patterns. With the help of our specially developed methodology and tools, we make relevant soft factors visible.

By quantifying them we create the basis to consider soft factors like hard numbers for management decision-making. Our IDA Data Science Toolchain guarantees maximum contributions from the most valuable stakeholders.



We design business capabilities based on digital technologies helping you to create and boost a competitive advantage. Simple language is fully sufficient to clearly describe business functions. Our ROOBLE MAPS business model collection is a powerful proof of this claim.


Simulations help us to analyze the physics and mechanics of a business. For example, we can project the round-trip efficiency of an energy storage asset by simulating the physical behavior of the components in scope.


Beyond physics, we can also simulate the behavioral patterns of a company’s stakeholders, as well as organizational capabilities - all in a coherent approach.



Our work does not stop when the strategy is fixed. With our interactive tools, we start implementation while strategy development is in progress. We develop roadmaps, set milestones, determine trigger points, and define management metrics.


Our PROM.ES project methodology guarantees implementation focus right from the start of strategy development.  

We also have been tasked with developing digital prototypes and patents. Our clients frequently use intellectual property of new products and processes to protect their strategies. In case you are interested in specific information, please, feel free to contact us.



We use proprietary and unique tools which we have developed over many years. These tools combine industry expertise, data handling skill, analytic methodology, and experience from almost three decades of top management consulting.


In case you are interested in specific information, please, feel free to contact us.

Business Technologies


Data analysis creates values if you know what to look for and evaluate raw data from management´s perspective. This requires experience, industry expertise, and a deep understanding of the tools of analysis. It is the same with modeling:

just the appropriate algorithms can accurately simulate business systems!

Experience is most important when the human factor and implementation issues come into play. The analysis of the intricate relationships between your stakeholders and your company goes far beyond determining where you stand.


Federal Goverment Grant for our READ R&D

READ (Reliable Energy Asset Database) is presumably the world’s most complete digital database for reliable energy assets. It contains over 3.000 records of existing as well as planned energy storage systems, hydrogen assets, and other plants which warrant renewable energy assets’ reliability.

We maintain READ to track project success, asset value, production efficiency, O&M costs, and other key performance metrics. It also serves as source of insights into innovative business models, regulatory trends, technologies, off-the-shelf products, and their vendors.

We benefit from a truly global, up-to-date view on Best-demonstrated Practices. Investors gain insights in attractive opportunities. Asset Operators get clarity about potential threats from technology- and vendor-related risks. Landowners receive an indications of their property’s potential value.


WHAT: ROOBLE MAPS is a digital collection of models describing common businesses in the energy-dense industries Energy & Utilities and Logistics & Mobility. It contains hundreds of sets of quantifiable information on mission-critical business functions.

WHY: We maintain ROOBLE MAPS to be able to identify and assess together with clients effective levers for bottom-line improvements in their businesses. It can also be used to specify the functional design of a new businesses.

WIIFY: Our clients benefit from the systemic nature of ROOBLE MAPS business models. Causes and effects of management decisions appear in multi-layered grids instead of single, linear relationships. This real-life complexity is represented in our models. Unexpected side effects and counter-intuitive consequences become obvious right from the start.

HOW:  ROOBLE MAPS is implemented as a powerful Causal Modelling application in the cloud. Using it interactively requires detailed knowledge of the tool.


WHAT: IDA is a digital description of all data science methods and techniques relevant for management decision-making. The interactive database contains hundreds of records with proposed analyses for specific decision situations.


WHY: We maintain IDA to be able to discuss and select together with clients appropriate analyses to prepare their decisions. We also track the outcomes of such analyses after executions. This helps us to assess availability of data and practical value of an analysis in a specific context.


WIIFY: Our clients benefit from the value of real-life experiences captured in the database. With this data we can for example identify data requirements for a certain analysis on the spot. This saves time and effort, often wasted on failed trial & error activities.


HOW: IDA is implemented as an interactive relational database application in the cloud. Using it interactively requires detailed knowledge of the tool.

PROMES Black.jpg

WHAT: PROM.ES is a project mananement tool that incorporates our philosophy of collaborating with our clients. This philosophy which we call "Intelligent Analytics"consists a work-breakdown structure, containing all required activities and milestones. It can be applied to any issue and subject to a management decision.

WHY: This highly interactive way of working with our clients is a must. Whatever we do, the client stays involved. Interaction ensures best possible information for decision making. It is a prerequisite for commitment. And it is at the core of any implementation support.


WIIFY: Our clients benefit from Intelligent Analytics in at least two ways: Making the best-informed decisions possible and gaining critical capabilities and skills along the process.


HOW: In fact, many professional services firms claim to have developed similar approaches. The unique value of our Intelligent Analytics approach can hardly be demonstrated. The only way to assess it is the experience during a project.

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